It’s time. It’s time to begin to talk as a society about society. Society needs to address the pariah that is society, as society is rapidly becoming an imminent threat to society. Society needs to begin to adopt measures as soon as possible to protect itself against society. Throughout history society has threatened to vanquish society time and time again, and while we have learned much over the years about how society works, the impacts on society are still difficult to measure. There are greater dangers that lurk though.

People themselves need to become highly aware of the people around them. People are savvy when it comes to attacking people, and people need to be conscientious yet weary of other people. People have become the number one cause of death of other people, directly or indirectly. People should be made aware of the characteristics of people; they have eyes, ears, noses, lips, and generally most other gear as other people and blend in easily. Yet even identifying people as the primary suspects of harming other people cannot surpass the deadliest of all scourges; their own brains.

People have known associations their brains- evidence has shown there have been linked activity going back as far as the dawn of time

, illustrating a disconcerting cabal between brains (the insidious problem being the phenomenon known as “thought”), people, and society. Brains have controlled the movements of people- the great problem here is that people cannot control the movement of brains. This leads to the unrivaled contagion of brains upon people, while people with brains have been actively working to determine a cause for brains and eliminate them and the threat they pose to society.

Meanwhile, the Earth is not verbally commenting on human activity.

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