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100 Poems in 100 Days: #3

#3: Hot Damn

I write about dreams
About those lovelies
My experience is true.
I don’t write about
Kisses – memories
Intact in a tucked
Away and well-worn
Journal somewhere
In my brainhouse.
Hot damn though.
That kiss in the dream
Enough to wake and
Double-take me.
I remember the
Moment when lips
Permeate and breath
Sweeps our most secret
Landscapes – when the
Lumbering lifeform
Tongue wakes up to a

, pulling into the
Primal intertwining.
Two heads – the centers
Of being in communion
First lead forward by
The eyes, flagged forward
By confirmatory whispers.
I remember my dreams –
I remember my days as
A lover – truly, what
Separates these two
But waking up?
Hot damn.

100 Poems in 100 Days: #1

#1. Can’t I See What I’m Doing To Me?

When the words don’t come home
I will not be that overprotective
Reproducer of syllables who
Goes in a frenzy

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, calls cops,
Prays, appeals, pleads with
A quiet Universe to please
Give them one more chance
With a thesaurus and they’ll be
Such a better poet when in the door
They come scampering nonchalantly in like
Worried sick that I’d never have anything to say.

The very nerve of words today.
Where do they think they live, anyway?