Whoops, thought I turned it off. Instead, I entered the monolith.

“I feel” is now.

“I feel” is that I am.

“I feel” is not a crime.

“I feel” is factual; disprove it.

“I feel” is not in opposition to logic.

“I feel” is not a defense, offense, or diagnosis.

“I feel” is harmless unless you choose to be harmed.

“I feel” is the testament of my inmost temple, it is my truth.

“I feel” is brave, fully valid, created by the world but made by me.

“I feel” is not for sale, cannot be copied, but is free to be shared with attribution.

“I feel” is my drum; here, put your ear upon my chest, it cannot be denied even after I die.

“I feel” is my origin, my first name, my Eden, the tidal pools, the swamps, treetops and fire-lit caves.

“I feel” is no less real than a touch, an embrace, a chokehold, checking for pulse (I feel yours, do you feel mine?).

“I feel” is not your scapegoat, to be thrown under the bus, shall not be moved like a rock upon the shore, shall not be…

“I feel” is appropriate for the workplace, crying from the schools, seeping into laboratories, and dancing in the damn streets.

“I feel” is what there is to cling to at the end of the day, staring back from the mirror, but unlike anything else, changeable.

“I feel” is the river of my life, never the same water, ever changing, ebbing and flowing, sustaining and flooding.

“I feel” is not made of words, even breath, but everything my awkward body summons to look you in the eye.

“I feel” is not defensive, cannot be labelled wrong, segregated, outlawed or killed- it outlives me in you.

“I feel” is an awkward wallflower at a party and a fecund wildflower bursting with late-spring pollen.

“I feel” is a journey that took so long for me to begin; call it foolhardy, it’s too late to stop.

“I feel” is frequently dizzy, needing time to adjust back to now from all the turning.

“I feel” is informed by everyone, every experience, how can you judge that?

“I feel” is no greater than any other being- it’s constellated thusly.

“I feel” is just one half of the upcoming untelevised revolution.

“I feel” is fully completed when I wholly affirm “You Feel.”

“I feel” is spread wide, from my bone to the moon.

“I feel” is subject to change without notice.

“I feel” is not a free pass for stupid.

“I feel” is a receipt for existence.

“I feel” hopes you understand.

“I feel” won’t replace “I think.”

“I feel” is Holy and Profane.

“I feel” is my first thought.

“I feel” is to be my last.

“I feel” serves me.

“I feel” will be.

“I feel” was.

“I feel” is.